Reit im Winkl

The mountain and skiing village Reit im Winkl ranks among leading climatic health resorts and hiking paradises. It is well known, not only in Bavaria, as a resort with guaranteed snow, and a lot of it. It is located at 695 m altitude, in the middle of the Bavarian Alps. Well-kept, centuries-old farmhouses in the middle of nature in its pristine form give this location a unique feel to it.

What Reit im Winkl has to offer

Reit im Winkl

Pure nature, tranquil places, cultural and culinary highlights, adventures, relaxation, wellness and sportive activities almost 24/7. Reit im Winkl's broad range of recreational and relaxing activities leaves nothing to be desired. Presented with activities like Nordic walking, golf, guided hiking and mountain bike tours, minigolf, open-air chess and, of course, numerous biking and hiking trails, tennis courts and even an open-air swimming pool with beach volleyball court, every guest keen on sports must simply adore it.
Tourism is the main livelihood for the 3,500 villagers; over 80% of the population earn their living with it. About 400 businesses with 5,000 hotel beds ensure there is something for everybody's taste: rustic hotels, private boarding houses, farmhouses, holiday lets and 1 to 4 star hotels. In about 60 restaurants you will find something for every palate and taste, culinary delights from hearty snacks to Bavarian treats and gourmet cuisine.

Culture & Leisure

Reit im Winkl

Reit im Winkl has a lot of cultural variety to offer: folk and traditional music, spa concerts in the pavilion, operettas, musicals, live performances of world-famous musicians, local folkloric evenings, the Bauerntheater (folkloric comedies) and much more. The welcome reception evening for our guests and colourful traditional costume parades give you a perfect insight into Bavarian traditions and the joy of living of the Bavarian people.


The villagers of Reit im Winkl have always celebrated when they had the chance. They are proud of their old traditions, and they make sure to treasure them dearly. We cordially invite you to join us in the singing, dancing, processions and parades. Celebrate with us!

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